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ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM Stretching & Flexibility Coach, Hyperice Tech Certified, CPR/AED Certified

Muscular hypertrophy, weight loss, athletic conditioning, mobility, flexibility, corrective exercises, strength training, boxing, dancing, balance & coordination, nutrition, gut health, stress management, sleep regulation, chronic conditions, mental health, breath work, & meditation.

About me:
Rena embarked on her own movement journey at a very young age when she fell in love with sports. While she continues to explore many modalities of fitness, Rena at her core, is a dancer in every sense of the word. She not only possesses the skill and discipline, but embodies the heart, soul and artistry of the athlete.

At Royal Personal Training, Rena utilizes both her many years of practical experience, and deep knowledge and understanding of the Mind-Body-Soul connection, to coach others on their own highly individualized health journeys. Her truly integrative approach yields transformative results for her clients that transcend into all areas of life. The physical component, while integral, is not the whole picture. Rena recognizes this truth, and will incorporate proven behavioral health techniques as well as ‘life hacks’ into each and every session. This knowledge empowers her clients to maintain beneficial habits outside of the gym, which in turn amplifies and accelerates the results.

Knowledge like this only comes from experience. Rena has faced her own health challenges, and has come out the other side to show you how to prioritize your most prized possession – your health. She has learned how to transmute the very pain that quite literally immobilized her at times, through vulnerability, compassion and movement. This alchemy is her gift, and she is here to assist you to reach your fitness goals, but also gently guide you along your own healing path.

Training with Rena is amazing. She is always challenging me. Not only are the workouts hard, and make me push myself, but I enjoy them at the same time. I’m reaching new limits, gaining strength, and overall the results have been great.

- Eli Massillon

I've been training at Royal for over 1 year consistently. Rena is the best trainer l've had. I'm mentally stronger, and in the best physical shape of my life, and I turn 35 this year!
Thank you Rena!!!!!

- Amanda Lynn

Review A+++++!!! Rena changed my life! I started training with Rena 7 months postpartum. I wanted to jumpstart my fitness goals with a few personal training sessions, but Rena was so incredible that I’m still working with her 9 months later!

Rena designed the perfect workouts for me, helping me with my posture, form, and keeping my abdominal muscles engaged during workouts in order to help with my diastatis recti.

I feel so much stronger than I did several months ago and am so beyond appreciative of all of Rena’s effort and support over the last several months!

- Ilana Weider

I've been training with Rena for about two months now, and I'm down 14 lbs, and feeling strong and energized.

Rena is so knowledgeable and educated about the human body and how to maximize your workouts to get the best results.

Her expertise, paired with her bubbly, warm, and encouraging attitude makes training with her the most fun, positive experience every time! 10/10 recommend!

- Melissa Gres

The day I had my first session with Rena I felt so comfortable and confident that I was in the right hands. She has the knowledge of all training modalities that I am familiar with and a world of knowledge that I could only wish for. I am able to turn my mind off and my body on with her. She pushes me to do what my body can, not to quit when my mind says I don’t want to. Every month I have accomplished things I never even knew I wanted to. Rena has changed my life. No lie; your body, and your fitness spreads into absolutely everything you do on a daily basis and everything you are able to become in your future. She has brought me to a confidence to show up in the world in an entirely new way. I am forever grateful for her. And I cannot wait to see where we continue to grow together.

- Holly Barker

Rena is an incredible motivator and a well-rounded individual. To be honest, I’d never had a woman trainer before and was apprehensive, however from the 1st day she exceeded my expectations. She was high energy, engaged, fun and creative. It’s obvious Rena has found her life’s calling in personal training, and it’s apparent she loves what she does. I look forward to our workouts like never before and my mind and my body are forever grateful for her guidance.

- CJ Sparxx

I have been training at RPT for over a year, and since July, I have primarily been training with Rena. Words cannot fully express the professionalism, care, and love that Rena provides me with. She consistently goes the extra mile to ensure that my techniques and movements are correct in all the exercises we do. Additionally, she is always offering pointers and encouragement, even sending random texts to check on my progress. Rena also keeps an eye on my eating habits to help me stay on track. I genuinely appreciate everything she does for me.

- Homan Kohanzadeh

Rena is extremely knowledgeable and creative in her programming. Her training sessions are tailored to suit your needs and help you achieve your goals safely and effectively. After our first session, I felt stronger and very connected to my body. Rena infuses each session with her vibrant energy and compassion. She understands how to keep you motivated and excited. My energy levels were so high after working with her. I learned so many new skills and had a great time working hard. I believe that exercise needs to be fun to keep you inspired and committed. Rena understands this concept. She will safely push you to show up as your best self. I think she is a very special person and highly recommend her as a coach.

- Ingrid Graham

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