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Royal Personal Training (RPT) is one of the most exclusive, results-driven personal training facilities in the world. Anyone who is interested in truly achieving their fitness goal through our customized training programs are going to be blown away by the precision and attention to detail. We’ve recruited some of the best staff from all over the world to truly give Beverly Hills the fitness facility it finally deserves. RPT is trusted by many of the largest brands in the world with partnership opportunities to build strong relationships, optimal employee wellness, and company satisfaction both in and out of the office. Additional services offered at RPT include nutritional counseling, goal mapping, exercise testing, body composition analysis, and much more…


Let us help you organize your training program with our goal-oriented classes! When we say we want you to feel like royalty, we mean it. Woodway treadmills, water rowers, and hand-picked playlists are just the beginning. We’ve teamed up with Deco Lighting ™ to enhance your mood, motivation, energy, and focus. That’s right, we’re taking care of your body and mind! We want to be sure you leave us feeling your best and ready to take on the rest of your day, whatever it may hold. Bring workout clothes, proper shoes, and your great energy! We provide towels and lockers. If you are looking for hydration or recovery we got you covered at Our Fuel Bar.

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