Our owner and lead physical therapist, Dr. Jordan Clayborne, PT, DPT, CSMT, CSCS has worked with the top NBA, NFL, MLS and other Olympic caliber athletes for years. Now he’s brought his expertise to Beverly Hills, California. We aim to provide the most innovative, patient-centered treatment that maximizes the human experience by helping the body move and feel better, faster.

Aside from being Los Angeles’ top personal training facility, RPT is also a premier physical therapy center. Boasting a full team of skilled and licensed physical therapists, we can help you treat and address any condition requiring physical therapy. We are equipped to handle injuries stemming from accidents, high impact or athletic activities, or the result of some other chronic condition.

Our PT sessions are comprehensive and tailored to your exact needs. We work on a gradient of successes, safely incrementing your workouts along the way, with the end result of conditioning the particular body part that was previously affected, helping you to regain functionality and speed your recovery with lasting benefits.


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