Corporate wellness

Let us take care of all  


Company Group Class

Need to get out of the office and build that team spirit? Look no further! Sign-up for a complimentary "Company Group Class" and have the privacy of you and your staff and the environment of a challenging workout! We can customize the music, the lights, you name it. We can even personalize your company logo on the main screen. Sign up today!

Company Training Session

Prefer to have your staff go through a more personalized approach? Perfect. Allow your team to learn all sorts of fun data about themselves, including their body fat percentage, muscle percentage, and even hydration levels. We then use that data to work them out based on their fitness needs. This is a must have for companies.

Wellness Visit

Prefer to have us come to you? That's no problem. We can bring our scientific-based InBody machine to you and find out all the data you would receive here. We can even talk about ways to live a healthier lifestyle, food advice, and even secrets in the gym no one wants to reveal. Sign up today!

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