Royal Personal Training offers 5 tiers of training: Level 1, 2, 3, Executive Coach and CEO Coach. Whether you are a beginner in fitness, an athlete, or actor looking to reach short-term fitness goals such as working with a studio for a movie role, RPT has a variety of trainers suitable to meet your needs. 

The levels are ranks given to trainers based on training experience, knowledge in the field, and certifications.
A Level 3 trainer may have 10+ years experience in the fitness industry and more certifications than a Level 1 trainer, but this does not necessarily mean they are better. We aim to match you with the right trainer that will help you achieve your fitness goals efficiently and effectively.

Level 1

Looking to get started in fitness? Are your goals to lose weight and tone up? 
A Level 1 Trainer is perfect for you! Get in shape just in time for summer!

Level 2

Find out what you’re made of! 
Are you an advanced gym goer looking to add muscle mass or lean out? A Level 2 Trainer is the best bet. 
Certified in Kettlebell Training, TRX and more! 3+ years experience in the fitness industry.

Level 3

Whether you've reached your peak, have an injury that hinders you from working out, or want to partake in a bodybuilding competition, a Level 3 Trainer will be ideal for you. 10+ years in the fitness industry, Certified in Kettlebell Training, Corrective Exercise, Sports Specific Training, and more!

Executive Coach

The Executive Coach Level is ideal for fitness models and those in preparation for commercial shoots. An Executive Coach has 10+ years experience.

CEO Coach

The big boss! CEO Coach is ideal for A-List Celebrities, Professional Athletes, and Actors/Actresses looking to fulfill their character's body goals. Ideal for those on a tight deadline as well!