Let us help you organize your training program with our goal-oriented classes!

Think of personal training in a group setting, staying small and intimate, with 5-10 people per class. Classes range from total body HIIT training, specific muscle group strength training, boxing, yoga, and more.


Build lean muscle mass and your cardiovascular endurance at the same time!


This class is specifically made to target booty and core. We will build the target muscle groups using resistance bands and bodyweight exercises.


Be prepared to complete 1,000 + reps! This fast-paced survival workout will challenge you both physically and mentally.

The workout has two-10 minute resistance based challenges as well as two- ten minute based cardio obstacles you will need to face and conquer in order to pass (survive) the class (attack). A lot of fun but extremely difficult, you better bring your best.


Very fun and extremely competitive class. Be expected to conquer 1000 + reps! This class has the same format as the Royal Attack except it focuses primarily on lower body movements. Consists of 4 – ten minute rounds (or 4 attacks) with 2 minutes of rest in between attacks.*floor attacks ( Benches /DB’s/Bosu Balls/body weight )*cardio attacks ( treadmill / rower/ bands / body weight )The reps are presented on the board and it is your duty to complete them all in 10 min or less or else you don’t survive the attack.If you complete 3/4 (75%) rounds then you have survived the Royal Booty Attack!! Congrats will be given after class to all survivors.


A strength and conditioning class tailored for muscle growth and athletic stamina. You will master the basic compound lifts relative to their function: pushing or pulling.

Monday’s are “Pull” days. Wednesday’s we “Push”!

This will demand upper and lower body engagement in order to optimize strength gains, minimize BS, and leave with the same endorphin rush as a cardio-based class. Though completely beginner-friendly, these classes are equally challenging and empowering.


Muscle building hypertrophy with a dose of metabolic conditioning.


Train with a true professional boxer! This is a boxing-inspired workout with
intermixed strength and resistance training.


Hatha Yoga is a traditional yoga approach of postures, breath regulation, and meditation to revitalize the body, improve flexibility and alleviate stress.


Build your booty and burn some calories before Saturday’s shenanigans kickoff!


A strength-focused full body class. A spin-off of the “Full body Flex” class, we separate the days relative to their mechanical function, push or pull. With the same demand placed on upper and lower body, we add in explosiveness to increase caloric burn and leave you feeling like an absolute BEAST.


Total body torch will challenge your whole body to utilize all muscle groups. We’ll work on stability and strengthening while burning fat!

Yoga Shred

Yoga Shred combines pilates + yoga + plyometrics + cardio moves for a revolutionary shredding and sculpting effect on the body. You’ll use limited equipment, such as resistance bands, barre balls, and weights to achieve sustainable results. This class begins and ends with yoga, however, it is fast-paced and strikes the perfect balance between strength and cardio to get your heart pumping.

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is a hybrid of mindfulness and fitness. This conditioning class combines the elements of Power Yoga especially useful for balance and flexibility with cardio and strength-training movements. Set to upbeat music, this class will boost your metabolism and condition the muscles that you use most both inside and outside of the gym. Although it is a fitness class, Yoga Sculpt incorporates the yogic teachings of mindfulness and uses breath work to encourage the mind-body connection.