Royal Personal Training

progress reports

Using the latest Inbody 270 body composition analyzer technology, we are able to give you data that represents how far you've come toward obtaining your goal.

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Nutritional counseling

It is said that detoxification and nutrition play a very important role in your progression toward optimal health and wellness. Find out what may be holding you back from achieving your goal. 

Functional movements

Our highly experienced coaches will analyze your movement patterns, as well as progress you through corrective exercise programing to assist you with better functional movement. 

Customized strategies

RPT offers a results-oriented, program-based approach while utilizing the most advanced technologies and metrics in the health and fitness industry. Our programs are specific to your goal. 

endurance training

Whether you've always wanted to do that marathon or simply need to get your cardio levels back to normal, we've got just what you need. Let us guide you to a whole new you! 

Flexibility training

Sitting at a desk all day long can cause a great deal of unnecessary pain; let us fix that. Our staff knows what it takes to get rid of those tight spots, aches and pains.